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Search for email addresses
Email Address Finder is an easy to use email address lookup software designed to search for email addresses. The email extractor program is simple and user friendly.  To search for email addresses all that is needed to do is type several keywords in the search field or enter a valid URL. The email address extractor software can grab thousands of emails per hour.

Search for email addresses that you will use

This email address lookup program is not only very easy to use but also extremely effective. It will not only search for email addresses online but also pick out the emails belonging to individuals or companies that would be interested in a particular product or service.Management-Ware  Email Address finder will find the right email address based on your keywords. This is a key feature that will ensure that your email campaigns will have high ROI.

Search for email addresses using your favorite search engine or Websites.  Email Address Finder use Google, Bing , Yahoo and other popular search engine to find Website with relevant email addresses. So you can be assured that the found emails will be useful for your emailing campaigns.

Supported Search engines and directories

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Yahoo
  • Altavista
  • Baidu
  • Ask
  • (Directory)

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Email Address FinderAdmittedly, Email Address Finder is not the only program online that can enable you to search for email addresses on the internet. However, there are a couple factors that make this program stand out. First of all, there is a thirty day money back guarantee for this program. Anyone who tries out the program a few times and does not like it can return it before the thirty days are up and get a full refund, no question asked. Additionally, the company offers a free webinar to help individuals who are buying this product for the first time learn how to install and use it properly.

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Email Address Finder does not take up much space on your computer and can pick out addresses in a matter of minutes. The email address lookup software is highly efficient and can operate on any version of Windows from Windows xp on up. Any question regarding how to use the software, Management-Ware  solutions provide FREE support.

Extracting email addresses online is a good way to reach new customers. As long as an email marketing campaign is permission based, it is sure to reach people who will, in time, purchase products or services from the company. A lack of email addresses no longer needs to be a hindrance, as Email Address Finder can help you  to find as many addresses as needed for the people and/or businesses that a company wants to reach.

Why an email address lookup software?

There are many forms of online and offline marketing and advertising. However, few forms of advertisement are as effective as a targeted email advertising campaign. Everyone has email and the average person checks his or her email account at least a few times a day. Sending attractive emails featuring new products and special discounts and offers will help to not only create an awareness of the company and its products and/or services but also encourage people to make one or more purchases.  This tried and proven method of advertising is also very cost effective, as one does not have to pay for advertising space, print flyers or pay for postage.

Search for Email addresses and Build your own emailing list database

Search for email addressesOne main obstacle that stands in the way of a successful online marketing campaign is the lack of email addresses to work with. A new company will need to know who to email and search for email addresses using an email extractor software before being able to start an email marketing campaign. Even established local or international businesses that have been around for some time may not have an extensive email mailing list of interested customers. However, a lack of email addresses to work with longer needs to be an obstacle. Email Address Finder is a specially designed program that you can use to search email addresses on the web and put them in an easily accessible file for marketing purposes.

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