Email Address Finder Features

Search for email addresses

You want to search for email Addresses? Email Address Finder is a top of the line software that can be used to create targeted email mailing lists. No matter what products or services a company has to offer, Email Address Finder can enable the company to search for email addresses of individuals or organizations that would be interested in what your organization provides.

The quality of the database determines the results of your mass emailing campaign and Email Address Finder the best software available to search for email addresses.  Try it and you will never look for another email hunder software again!

Targeted search for emails using keywords

Using Email Address Finder, you can search email addresses using any keyword or filter type that he or she pleases. Search for email address parameters can be set so that addresses are filtered by gender, age, ethnicity, or another factor. For example, a business with children’s products can search for emails belonging to parents with young children. A company selling items that would interest a senior citizen could choose out emails belonging to senior citizens.

Search for email addresses by location

An additional filter that you  can use is location. This is helpful for a local business that only wishes to target a particular city or country. Instead of wasting time sending emails to people that would never be able to purchase a particular product or service, a company could know for certain that all its emails are reaching people that live in the area and would potentially be interested in what the company has to offer.

Use your favorite search engine to find emails

This program can create large mailing lists because it not only works with Google but also Yahoo, MSN/Live and other large search engines. It can handle numerous keywords at a time, enabling you to set search parameters and then leave the program to run on its own.

Supported Search engines and directories

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Yahoo
  • Altavista
  • Baidu
  • Ask
  • (Directory)

Emailing List Manager with duplicates check

Email Address Finder not only helps you find email addresses online but also set up a database with these addresses. After scouring the web for emails, the program will automatically check the database to make sure there are no duplicate entries. The program sets up its own database for the emails that have been extracted and there is no limit on how long such a list can be. As a company grows, it can send out emails to millions of clients at once using this program. Having a long list does not hinder the program’s speed or efficiency; it can still run in the background as other programs are in operation and extract new emails from the web quickly and easily.

Search for email addresses on the Web is Email Address Finder speciality

Email Address Finder is a program that specializes in searching for email addresses on the web. However, the program can not only search for email addresses but also sort them, put them in a database and facilitate a company’s email marketing campaign. Those who have tried out this particular program have found that it works as advertised and can not only help to boost a company’s profits but also save a lot of time and hassle that would have gone into manually creating one or more company email mailing lists.

Some other features of Email Address Finder

  • Multi-keywords search (For automatic search).
  • Search for emails on a specified website.
  • Search multi Website.
  • Proxy-server (hide your ip address). Use your own proxy servers or ours.
  • E-mail addresses filter (The Address finder emailing list manager  is the most advanced and featured list manager).
  • Search limitation.
  • Export functions 9Export your emails to Excel, CSV, xml, html, pdf and text).
  • Export filter (Choose what you want  to export).
  • High speed.
  • Control the search speed.

Search for Email addresses and Build your own emailing list database

Search for email addressesOne main obstacle that stands in the way of a successful online marketing campaign is the lack of email addresses to work with. A new company will need to know who to email and search for email addresses using an email extractor software before being able to start an email marketing campaign. Even established local or international businesses that have been around for some time may not have an extensive email mailing list of interested customers. However, a lack of email addresses to work with longer needs to be an obstacle. Email Address Finder is a specially designed program that you can use to search email addresses on the web and put them in an easily accessible file for marketing purposes.

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